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Have you ever heard yourself saying ‘it looked better in person than in this picture’ when sharing photographs of your journeys with friends and colleagues?  The pictures we make while traveling are our visual memories of the places we visit, and we want those images to have impact and tells a story of our journey in a way that holds the interest of the viewer.  With this online photography course instructed by professional travel photographer and travel photography school online workshop leader, Brenda Tharp, you’ll learn just how it’s done.

Travel photography course online is designed to help you compose the strongest pictures you can, to see and capture the daily moments of life, to approach and photograph people in a meaningful way, to express the essence of a place, and to create complete stories of your travel experiences. You’ll learn simple, key concepts that, when applied, will have you making stronger photographs, no matter where you travel.

There’s a fine line between being part of a situation and simultaneously removed enough from it to anticipate moments and capture them at their peak.  If you are the centre of attention, you won’t be getting those moments.  Instead, another photographer might be capturing them of you!   So the aim is to be involved, but not to the point where all eyes is on you.  It’s a dance of sort, where you enter conversations and leave them again and where you learn just when to pull back to get the shot.  It takes practice and the more you do it, the more intuitive this “dance” becomes.

Whether you have travel plans for Europe, Asia – wherever in the world, the more comfortable and skilled you become with handling your camera and capturing “moments” with it, the more successful you will become as a “seasoned” travel photographer.  Get out and practice before you go – photographing in local parks, focusing on people talking, playing games. Go to markets and festivals where people are in a busy or festive mood. Be ready for the hand exchange of goods and payment and capture that “moment.”  The more you’ve done it on home turf, the sooner you’ll be applying your expertise with confidence – over there.

If you think about it, there is a range of activities wherein you can pretty much know just what will happen next.  Sporting events are like this, people shopping at an outdoor market, festival observances – just everyday life in general contains its share of interactions and unique moments of occurrence. Watch carefully for a while, “learn” the game or situation and have your camera ready when the repeated action happens once again.

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