Tips for Safe Holidays for Solo Women Travellers


Solo travelling bestows a sense of freedom and independence to the womankind. For them, travelling alone fetches its own sets of delights and challenges. Whether they are on business tours or on pleasure seeking holidays, women travelling alone are more likely than men to bump into problems in certain situations.

Therefore, they need to practice and follow some basic rules before planning a holiday tour and booking cheap airlines tickets for their trip.

Plan Early

Solo women travellers must plan their trip well in advance. This not only helps in grabbing cheap airlines tickets but also assists in avoiding the anxiety of booking last minute air tickets.

Hotel Bookings

Advance booking is highly important for the solo women travellers whether it is of hotels or of cheap flights tickets. So, one must book a good hotel well in advance so as to avoid staying at some cheap and inappropriate accommodation. Booking a family hotel is always preferable over any solitary cheap hotel as they assure more security and safety.

Dress Decent

Solo women travellers must dress up decently to avoid unwanted male attention. Wearing comfortable yet well-mannered clothes are always good to be dressed in.

Night Travelling

Travelling after dark can be quite risky for solo women travellers. Therefore, they must avoid getting around in the city at odd hours and at unsafe places.

Look Confident

Women travelling alone solo women travellers must look confident under all the circumstances. This prevents them from looking like an easy prey and makes a shield of self-esteem around them.

Interact but Don’t Trust

Communication is very important for the travellers to survive at the unknown place they are travelling in. Therefore, solo women travellers should interact with the locals and their co-passengers but must not trust anyone wholeheartedly. They should trust their instinct and information and decide accordingly while making decisions.

Avoid Carrying Valuables

Solo women travellers must not carry any sort of valuables with themselves including ornaments, excessive cash or expensive gadgets. All other cash and valuables must be kept in the hotel safe to stay away from thieves and pickpockets.

Health Issues

While planning a holiday tour, solo women travellers must get themselves checked up by their doctor to be assured of their physical condition. They should also carry all their medicines and injections (if they take any) with themselves to avoid unnecessary health troubles.

Ask For Directions

It is always better to ask for directions rather than getting lost at some unknown place. Therefore, solo women travellers must interact with the locals or their co-travellers to gain knowledge about the various places they want to visit like sightseeing attractions, hygienic restaurants, etc.

Stay in Touch With Family

Staying in contact with family is very important for solo women travellers. They must interact with their family or friends at regular interval of time and should let them know about the place there are living in or people they are travelling with. This not only protects them from being homesick but also creates a sense of security.

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